Welcome to the Flagship PHP SDK documentation!

The following article will guide you through the steps to get Flagship up and running on your PHP scripts using our library with preconfigured methods to implement the Decision API.

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Release notes


  • bucketingUrl property accessors in Flagship\Config\BucketingConfig
  • slug property accessors in Flagship\Flag\FlagMetadata
  • Managing visitor cache


  • Bucketing mode
  • BucketingConfig constructor signature
  • FlagshipConfig::bucketing signature


  • bucketingDirectoryPath property accessors from Flagship\Config\BucketingConfig


  • Hits are now sent in the background


  • fetchFlags method in Visitor instance
  • getFlag method in Visitor instance
  • Flagship\Flag\FlagMetadata class
  • Flagship\Flag\Flag class


  • synchronizeModification method
  • getModification method
  • getModificationInfo method
  • activateModification method


  • Bucketing mode.
  • SDK Status / Status changed callback.
  • Experience Continuity : visitor authentication / unauthentication.
  • Visitor consent.
  • Predefined context.


  • FlagshipConfig implemented by Flagship\Config\DecisionApiConfig or Flagship\Config\BucketingConfig
  • Visitor namespace
  • Flagship::newVisitor is now a fluent interface builder.

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