The Remote Control API allows you to manage your dashboard projects, use cases, configurations and many others directly from an API.

You will need to :

  • First, create an application and select scopes you need (How to it)
  • Then generate a token from the auth server (with or without expiration time) (How to do it)
  • Finally, call the api with the token you previously generated


Each application you create will have permanent scope (for example : campaign.create). If you need to add more scope to your application, you will need to create an other application.

You can find this needed scope on the documentation of its route.

Using the documentation

You can use the following documentation as a sandbox to execute requests on remote control API.
To do this you have to be logged in :

  • Add your api token in the Authorization section. Don't forget to add Bearer just before your token.
  • Fill the form and then click on Try it to execute the request.

Swagger version

This documentation is a mix between textual documentation and swagger documentation.

For development purposes, you can find the full swagger json documentation here :