Analytics integration

Learn how to integrate with other third-party tools

With a custom integration you can simply integrate with other third-party tools in your tech stack.
Whether you are using the Decision API or one of our SDKs, you should have all the information you need to communicate with your existing analytics tool.

Based on a flag, the different information available through the SDK methods are:

  • CampaignId (string) associated with the flag
  • VariationId (string) associated with the flag and the campaignId
  • variationGroupId(string)associated with the flag and the campaignId
  • isReference (boolean), to indicate if your user belongs to the original variation or not
  • campaignType(string), to indicate the type of campaign, ex: AB
  • slug (string) Advanced options, used when calling a single campaign with the campaign_id parameter

For more details, you can search for the metadata() method through the Flag object on the SDK you are interested in.

If information is missing, please send us some feedback and we can assist you to find the answer 😊