How to trigger CI/CD pipelines when modifications are made

Configure the webhook event : "Synchronized environment"

On the webhook integration page, you can configure an API to call when a modification is made on the platform or remote control API. The event type you must configure is [Environment] Synchronized.For this type of event you can configure the following parameters :

  • Description
  • URL
  • Headers
  • Payload parameters (in body)

How does it work ?


How to configure the pipelines APIs ?

Dispatch a workflow allows you to manage your CI/CD with workflows, you can manage it and run workflows manually by calling the github api :


Trigger a pipeline allows you to manage your CI/CD with pipelines, you can manage it and run pipelines manually by calling the gitlab api :


Trigger an other pipeine

With Flagship webhook management, you can configure an other api you want to trigger your own pipeline running. If you encounter an issue, please contact support.

Check the status of you last pipeline

On the webhook management page, you can see the list of your configured webhooks. For the [Environment] Synchronized event, a column Status indicates the last status returned (and the date) when the call has been made :

  • Success when the call returned a 20X or 30X status code.
  • Error when the call returned a code 40X or 50X status code.
  • Pending when no first call has been made.