Use case configuration Flagship side

In this section, we will guide you from the Flagship platform, to create a use case, define its KPI, its flags, and its criteria of targeting. Learn more

It can be done in 6 steps:

1. Create a toggle use case in Flagship

From the Flagship platform, we create a feature toggle with the name Login with Google and we define 3 KPI, submit-basic-login to capture the number of times a basic login is used, click-google-login and click-wechat-login. Learn more


define kpis

2. Set up your flags

We define 3 flags, login-btn-color, login-with-google and login-with-wechat.


define flags

3. Define your scenarios

Here we define the value of each flags will have according to geographic zone of visitor


define scenarios

4. Set up your targeting criteria for each scenario

The targeting criteria will be like this:

  • Scenario 1: will concern only users who are in Europe/America zone
  • Scenario 2: for Asia geographic zone
  • Scenario 3: for users who are outside of Europe/America and Asia zone

define targetings

5. Switch on your use case

Now your use case is created, the last step is to switch it on


switch on your use case

6. Get your API_KEY and ENV_ID


get api configuration