flagship authenticate

Authenticate the CLI

flagship authenticate


Command usage

To use flagship authenticate you should configure your CLI using configure command first.


flagship authenticate - Manually generate your access token


flagship authenticate [--grant-type GRANT_TYPE] [--scope SCOPE] [--expiration EXPIRATION]


Flag default value

The default value of grant type is client_credentials, scope is * and expiration is 86400


    Generate the access token based on your credentials in the file credentials.yaml ($HOME/.flagship/credentials.yaml)


flagship authenticate --grant-type GRANT_TYPE --scope SCOPE --expiration EXPIRATION


--grant-type = GRANT_TYPE

    The grant type of the token, DEFAULT value is client_credentials

--scope = SCOPE

    The scope of the token, DEFAULT value is *

--expiration = EXPIRATION

    The expiration time in second of the token, DEFAULT value is 86400


CLI usage

After configuring the CLI, you are good to go !