Create an access

In your flagship account, on the platform, go to Settings > Integrations > Remote Control API.


You will need to fill :

  • An access name
  • Select one or several environments (or let empty to select all your environments)
  • Select one or several actions to authorize

When you're done, click on Generate and you will see the following modal :



Keep on your side the Client id and Client secret, they will be needed to generate a token.
For security purpose we won't be able to show you those again.

Generate a token

When you have generated your access, you now need to generate the token with the one you will call our API.

To generate a token you will need to do the following request. Or you can use the online generator here :

You will find your ACCOUNT_ID in Settings > Account section.

curl --location --request POST '{ACCOUNT_ID}/token?expires_in=0' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{
    "grant_type": "client_credentials",
    "scope": "*",
    "client_id": "{CLIENT_ID}",
    "client_secret": "{CLIENT_SECRET}"

Expiration time :

You can define the expiration time you want, for example if you want a token with an expiration time of 1800 seconds you have to call :

You now have a valid token with the list of actions you selected previously.

You can check that your token is valid by calling the following request :

curl --location --request GET '{ACCESS_TOKEN}' \
--data-raw ''

Revoke an access

You can preview your access created or revoke them with the panel located under the access creation panel.